Reiki Training Dates 2020

18740761_10154709205091985_2679741851557017387_n[1]Reiki I / 2 Day Training Course £140 (or £120 with early booking offer)
Next training dates: 

Reiki Level I introduces you to the basics of the healing art of Reiki and connects you to your very own and unique healing abilities that are within each and every one of us. During this course you are attuned to Reiki energy and are able to receive and pass on Reiki energy. Reiki I is the initial degree where you learn to use Reiki on yourself, family, friends and pets. At Reiki Level I you will learn about the basics of Reiki:
How Reiki Works;
The History of Reiki;
5 Reiki Principles;
Giving Reiki to Others;
We will also be going through short guided meditation exercises and you will receive the full set of Level One Attunements. Training manual as well as certificate on successful completion of the training day is also provided.

“Words can’t describe it! I am very grateful for the experience and I already realise the differences in my own healing. ”
~ Jamie, Cardiff UK ~

“Reiki One was an overwhelmingly positive experience that has opened me up to the energies. I can’t wait to start working more with it.”
~ Emma, Frampton Cotterell UK ~

“I loved the attunement and giving treatment. A beautiful experience to learn and grow with.”
~ Hannah, Bristol UK ~

“I enjoyed the self-healing exercises and the physical sensations when practicing Reiki. Reiki Level One was eye-opening to a host of other holistic health topics also. I feel motivated to make time for Reiki everyday and to continue. A really amazing day, I am so grateful, thank you.”
~ Charlotte, Bristol UK ~

“Reiki One with Nina was most enjoyable! Such a tranquil and very calming & uplifting experience, I really enjoyed my day.” ~ Maureen, Bristol UK ~

“Thank you for helping me as I start my Reiki journey, it’s incredible and makes you look at your life in a whole different way. Reiki I with Nina was enlightening, calming and reflective. Thank you.”
~ Alison, Pilning UK ~

“I enjoyed the history of Reiki, the attunement and learning the Reiki healing practice on the treatment couch. A fantastic experience, I am walking on air.”
~ Donna, Bristol UK ~

“I most enjoyed the receiving and giving of Reiki, it felt amazing and recharging.”
~ Johanna, Warmley UK ~

“I felt very lucky to be able to have had 1:1 Reiki I training. It was so lovely and having had very little experience with Reiki, I felt like it was so familiar to me. I felt I could relax and meditate very easily. Nina is a very special person with an amazing spiritual energy. A very spiritual, very empowering, holistic, awakening and very special day. ”
~ Eliza, Bristol UK ~

“I enjoyed learning all about the history of Reiki. Reiki One is a new exciting journey on how to help myself, family and friends.”
~ Chelsea, Yate UK ~

“A wonderful day. Doors have opened. Nina is an inspiring teacher.”
~ Dawn, Old Sodbury UK ~

“I enjoyed learning the history of Reiki and learning all the self-healing and healing other techniques. Nina was very welcoming in her home and really good at explaining all of the theory! I enjoyed the whole day.”
~ Haley, Bristol UK ~

“Wonderful! A grounding, loving, spiritual experience!”
~ Jemma, Bristol UK ~

Reiki II / 4 day training course £260 (or £240 with early booking offer)
Next training course: Sat 3rd & Sun 4th Oct and Sat 17th & Sun 18th Oct 2020

Ideal for Level I Reiki Healers who like to expand their Reiki skills. This is a four day on site training course with additional distance learning material supporting you on your Reiki journey and preparing you for becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

“Nina structured the training really well, she explained everything thoroughly, and I had plenty of opportunity to practice and ask questions. I thoroughly enjoyed my attunement to Reiki II, I really liked Nina’s way of teaching and I look forward to using my new found energy to help others.”
~ Sue, Bristol UK ~

“My Reiki II with Nina was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Nina went the extra mile to make it very special. She was thorough and ensured all my questions were answered fully and she made sure I had a good sound understanding of the symbols. I particularly enjoyed learning to send distance Reiki and the practical exercise was a beautiful experience I will always remember. My attunement was beautiful as Nina made every effort to create a gorgeous ambience which included incense and wonderful mediation music. Thank you Nina. You are lovely.”
~ Melanie, Bristol UK ~

“Peaceful, helpful, grounding and insightful. A valuable and connecting experience. I enjoyed the different meditations and attunement plus learning about and practicing the symbols ”
~ Hannah, Bristol UK ~

“I loved the practical exercises. Overall an informative, structured, relaxing and nicely thought-out course that I shall remember for a long time.”
~ Elaine, Bristol UK ~

“Reiki II was calming, affirming and enlightening. I really enjoyed the practical exercises and I can’t wait to start using the symbols in my life.”
~ Lauren, Bristol UK ~


Reiki Refresher Courses / 4 hrs
£70 (or £50 with early booking offer)

Reiki Refresher Courses are designed to address any concerns or questions you have had since your last Reiki Training. Whether it has been months or years since you last practiced Reiki, these courses will help you get back on track with your Reiki skills and provide you with the confidence you need to deepen your practice.

Reiki I Refresher Course
Next Refresher Level I: TBC 
Ideal for every Level One student who feels their Reiki I skills have gone a bit rusty.
The pre-requisite to join this course is a previous Level One Training (please make sure to provide your Reiki I certificate).
The refresher course focuses on all the essential aspects of Reiki I in particular the Self Healing Technique, Clearing & Cleansing Exercises as well as the Healing Others Technique.

“The Refresher Course has inspired me to keep practising and I particularly enjoyed the Reiki treatment at the end.” ~ Chris, Yate UK ~

“I really enjoyed the Reiki One Refresher course. I managed to unblock whatever I blocked and to move forward and utilise the profound and amazing benefit of Reiki. The teachings in an amazingly peaceful and calm space were very comforting and Nina’s guidance was very warm, caring and calming. Thank you.” ~ Eliza, Chew Magna UK ~

Reiki II Refresher Course
Next Refresher Level II: TBC

This course is ideal for everyone who has previously been attuned to Reiki 2 and:
has fallen out of the habit of using Reiki
has lost confidence in using Reiki
feels unsure about using the Reiki 2 symbols correctly
wishes to reconnect to Reiki
wishes to increase their knowledge and confidence and begin again

Pre-Requisites of attending a Reiki II Refresher Course:
You have previously trained at Reiki Level II and you are attuned to the Level II energy
You can provide a Level II Certificate
This course is limited to 4 places to ensure close personal tuition and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

“I’m so pleased I’ve done the Reiki Refresher Level II. Nina is the perfect Reiki Teacher. She has such a lovely calm manner and a wonderful energy. I’m fully re-energised and keen to get back into my Reiki discipline.” ~ Pam, Bristol UK ~

“I enjoyed all of it. The course was well presented, interactive and I felt fortunate enough to be attuned again. Reconnecting to such a wonderful spiritual energy
made me wonder why I had left it so long.” ~ Annie, Bath UK ~


Reiki Level III Master Training & Level III Teacher Training also available
Syllabus & Prices on application
Next Reiki Master Training: TBC

“We would like to thank you once again for such a wonderful Reiki Master attunement experience. It was beautiful. My wife has photocopies of the symbols above her desk and I am spending some time each day working on the symbols. It is pure joy! Thank you again.”
~ Allan & Fiona, Aberthin UK ~

“Nina, your professional and organised approach made my understanding of Reiki Master Training easy and enjoyable. I do feel now I am inspired to practice all of my teachings regularly and am open to how this could benefit my future. Thank you!”
~ Ellie, Bristol UK ~

“I enjoyed the practical exercises and the Master attunement. A very informative, thorough and very positive and calming experience. Thank you.” ~ Sharon, Weston Super Mare UK ~

“The Reiki Master course was just the right duration. I enjoyed all of the training process, especially the attunement. I enjoyed the one to one arrangement. Packed with lots of information, a very soothing and safe environment, conducive to training.”
~ Ruth, Bristol UK ~

“During my Reiki Teacher Training Nina created a warm, welcoming and relaxing environment which put me at ease straight away. She explained the theoretical elements of the course in a comprehensive and clear way and covered the topics in a logical order, supported by an instruction manual. There was just the right balance of practical, theoretical content and downtime which made the whole day flow well without intensity in a delightful style. I thoroughly enjoyed working with and learning from Nina.”
~ Katie, Thornbury UK ~