Angel Therapy

“Thank you for the most beautiful and gentle, yet powerful healing today. I feel so different – like I’ve returned back home, back to myself, my energy. I feel Angels with me strongly again and it is so soothing and calming, as it used to be before. Thank you for helping me to get back to myself.” ~ Miia, Calne UK ~

“After attending one of Nina’s wonderful Angel workshops, I decided to try an Angelic Energy Healing with her. My first experience was awesome, I felt so relaxed and focused afterwards. I felt the soothing energy around me, working with me and giving me what I needed. My second healing experience was just as wonderful and I cannot wait for my next one. As a healer myself, I recognise how important it is to have healing. I highly recommend Nina, don’t hold back give Angelic Energy Healing a try, you will wish you had done so sooner.” ~ Sharon, Pilning UK ~

What is Angelic Energy Healing?

Angelic Energy Healing is a form of holistic therapy treatment very similar to other energy healing treatments such as Reiki or Spiritual Healing. During an Angelic Energy Healing session, the client receives healing on all levels, i.e. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual via the practitioner who acts as a channel of the healing energy. Energy is channelled from the Angelic Realm, sometimes with the power and energy of a particular Angel or Archangel and always with the help of a host of Healing Angels. Nina works in particular with the healing energy of Raphael, Archangel of Healing. Depending on the client’s personal requirements other Angels will add their healing energy. For example, Gabriel, Archangel of Communication, who helps clients with purity of thought, eloquence in speech as well as encouraging them to use uplifting and positive communication; or Archangel Michael, whose energy gives strength and courage to clients who might undergo challenging life circumstances. Apart from the Archangels, the client’s own Guardian Angels will always be present during an Angelic Energy Healing session adding their high energy frequency of true and unconditional love.
Therefore Angelic Energy Healing is of a very pure, light and high vibration, laced through and through with unconditional love. The energy will always go to the level where it is most needed to restore balance and harmony in the client. During a treatment, energy is drawn through the hands of the practitioner into the client. As with most holistic therapy treatments the client simply lies or sits down and relaxes. There is no need to remove any clothing.


How does Angelic Energy Healing feel like?

This varies between individuals. The most common effects are deep relaxation, warmth or tingling and a wonderful feeling of inner peace and overall well-being. The influx of energy will lovingly help to release any imbalance in the client’s life on a holistic level.
The treatment is started by bringing the client into a relaxed but alert state of being by taking them through a guided visualisation exercise followed generally by a full body healing session. A lifestyle assessment prior to commencement of treatment will help in assessing the client’s requirements more accurately and it also provides focus on particular areas that require attention.


What are Angels?
Although often depicted in human form as breathtakingly beautiful ethereal beings, rather magnificent to look at with their white feathery wings, Angels are energy forms, beyond the physicality of the human body. They are an intelligence of light, vibrating at a high frequency of pure unconditional love and light. Unlike humans, Angels are without Ego (Ego here stands for the energy of fear) meaning they see and perceive us for who we truly are without judgment. Angels are not deceased loved ones as some might believe, in fact angels have not experienced the Earth plane in a human body as we do. As such they are not bound by space or time and exist in a dimension without time and space limitations.
Angels are said to be created by Source (synonym for God or Creator) as divine beings to help guide us on our journey and keep the energy of love and peace on this planet while we work through our karma and ascension processes. Angels are bridging our physical reality with their pure spiritual energy. As we trust and open our hearts to them we will recognise their presence. Angels always listen to the messages of our hearts and know us for who we truly are.
The word “Angel” derives from the Greek “angelos” meaning “messenger”. Christianity, for instance, believes in Angels as “Messengers of God”. However there is no need to belong to any religion, or to possess certain religious beliefs or dogmas to work with Angels, as they are truly Universal and all-inclusive as what regards their affinity with our planet and all its life-forms on it.

Angelic Energy Healing: 60 mins / £35
Angelic Energy Healing (including lifestyle assessment): 90 mins / £50