Meditation for Kids

An introduction by Nina Miriam Sell / Meditation Teacher (accredited with the Guild of Holistic Therapists)

Did you know that practising meditation on a regular basis can help to make a huge positive impact to a child’s life? Here 4 wonderful reasons why it’s great for kids to meditate:

1. To calm the “monkey mind” – The nature of the mind, when stressed, is to jump from thought to thought like a monkey. What can we do to teach them this focus? The answer is meditation/relaxation exercises as well as practising mindfulness. Your child’s creativity will flow best when their mind is freed from the demands of tension and stress. Meditation gives them a healthy rest from the ‘monkey mind’ so they can function more effectively and with clarity.
2. To de-stress for academic success – Meditation gives our children the freedom from negative effects of stress and allows the mind to be fresh and inspired. It gives them an expansive and relaxed way of thinking which can help bring creativity and clarity.
3. To support healthy emotional development – Meditation allows children to return to their natural rhythm and helps them cope with the emotions of frustration and fear. It helps to balance the whole system by supporting emotional development and gives rest to the mind so that they are not overwhelmed by their strong feelings.
4. To reach their full potential – Through meditation, children can discover that there is so much more potential in their life, that the stresses in their life are petty, short-term problems and that they can be successful beyond their dreams.

Exercises to practice – not only for kids:
These two exercises can easily be integrated into everyday life whenever required and will help children and grown-ups alike to calm the mind and to promote focus, inner peace and harmony.

1. Breathe! Take Five Breath – Your breath is always with you. Learning to check in to it from an early age is a major tool. Try “take 5 breath” where you inhale for five, and exhale for five. Use your fingers to count as you breathe. Slowing your breath will slow down your mind. Can you feel your heart rise and fall as you breathe? Can you feel the breath enter and leave your nose?
2. Watch! Cloud Gazing – Sitting quietly, pay attention to your breathing – inhale and exhale. When thoughts or feelings come up, think of them like clouds passing through your mind, which is like the sky. You can watch the clouds come and go just like you can watch clouds in the sky move and shift in their shapes.
(Note to Teachers/Parents/Carers: Kids may not sit too long, but just introducing this concept is a great preparation for adult meditation. And the awareness that things are always changing and things do pass is important to share and practice observing with kids.)

If you have any further questions or like to receive any further helpful hints/tips on meditation for kids, please contact Nina at

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