Are you a highly sensitive person? Are you an Earth Angel?

Earth Angels are people who realise that they are here on this planet to help and to support make the world a better place.

EarthangelsAn ideal workshop for empaths, carers, nurses, healers, therapists, or for anybody who cares about our planet. The Earth Angel Workshop will help you to look after yourself and to support yourself with the means of easy to use and highly effective self-help techniques and strategies that Nina has learnt during her Angel Intuitive Training with Doreen Virtue Ph.D. first hand.

In this workshop you will find out how to identify toxic relationship patterns in both private and work environment, how to deal with challenging people and situations, how to be assertive and not aggressive and how to speak your truth lovingly without hurting others.

~ NEXT EVENT: SUNDAY 12th MARCH 2017, 11am-4pm ~ Location: Emersons Green, North Bristol ~ Spaces limited to 4 participants per seminar ~ only £30 per person

“Relevant, well-structured and I found the strategies very helpful. I can now see that life’s traumas have given me shock waves within my system, giving me an active
mind to understand. It feels wonderful that I am now feeling better and more able to stand up for myself or walk away, whichever feels appropriate at the time. I also
liked Nina’s personal example of assertion, showing a gentle way of having stability and effectively negotiation.”
~ Lynn, Bristol UK ~

“I enjoyed all of it. I enjoyed hearing about the essence of being an Earth Angel and how this impacts on toxic relationships. I enjoyed the part where we discussed aggressive vs assertive behaviour. And the meditation was just beautiful.
~ Dorothy, Bristol UK ~

“I attended this workshop with Nina after feeling I wasn’t assertive enough & after attending other amazing workshops of Nina’s and finding them very beneficial.
Myself and my best friend attended and we loved every minute of it and can hand on heart say I’ve used the knowledge I gained numerous times since. Nina has a wonderful energy about her which is very refreshing & definitely rubs off on you.”
~ Kerry, Bristol UK ~

“I didn’t know what to expect when I booked this course. I have been very interested in exploring more spiritual things, being a nurse and experiencing deaths of
patients I’ve learnt and felt that there is more to life and more after life. So, it was a lovely introduction, about the spiritual aspect of life and how to apply how
we feel to the world we live in. I also loved the meditation and the energy and vibrance of Nina’s teachings and how she applied it to her own life.”
~ Eliza, Bristol UK ~