Angel Events 2020

Sparkle & Shine with the Angels
with Nina Sell, Angel Intuitive™ (Trained with Doreen Virtue, PhD)
~ NEXT EVENT DATE: 2020 date/s to be announced soon ~

If you feel it’s time to sparkle and shine then come and join us at this fabulous Angel Seminar and let the Angels help you enliven your 2020.

Golden Sparkly Butterfly

A holistic health workshop which is great for everyone: for those who are new to the concept of angels and are curious to find out more about them or those who are already familiar with angels. This workshop will help you to connect with and to get to know your Guardian Angels and to find out about the Archangels of Humanity and how they can help and inspire you in everyday life.

Throughout the day experience beautiful guided visualisations to connect with your Guardian Angels & the Archangels of Humanity. Lots of fun and plenty of practical exercises included.

Ticket price: Only £40 – Early Bird Booking Offer available (to book and for more info email
Work materials, refreshments and light snacks included


“A Day with Angels has filled me with so much knowledge, inspiration and confidence that I am on the right path. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”
~ Angela, Bristol UK ~

” Loved it! I especially enjoyed the meditations and finding out my guardian angels names was wonderful.”
~ Melissa, Chipping Sodbury UK ~

“What a lovely relaxing day! Guided meditations in peaceful surroundings to learn about Angels. Also loved the very detailed workshop manual. Thank you.”
~ Eliza, Bristol UK ~

“Nina is such a gentle soul with a relaxing voice to guide you into beautiful meditations. I felt relaxed in a safe held space.”
~ Suzy, Bristol UK ~

“It was a lovely day that Nina delivered really well, I now feel like I have a great starting point to invite angels in to work with me in my life. Thank you!”
~ Rachel, Bristol UK ~

“I loved the peaceful positive feeling as soon as I walked in to the room and just wanted to say a very ‘HUGE’ thank-you Nina and to say how pleased I am that I have met you. I love how calm and relaxed you made me feel on the course even though it was quite emotional I felt very safe and received so much from it.”
~ Lynette, Bristol UK ~

“I had a really fun time learning more about the angels! The part I enjoyed most was learning the names of the angels and what they are here for! I had a great day experiencing plenty of lovely things. Thank you for such a lovely day! It was great meeting you!”
~ Shannon, Yate UK ~

“Excellent workshop both informative and enjoyable. Loved the inclusive way you facilitated the day and the booklet with the meditations is outstanding. Pleasure to meet you and everyone else and yes would recommend it to friends and acquaintances. Love Light & Gratitude.”
~ Gill, Caerleon UK ~

“Excellent workshop! I loved the meditations we did, the different journeys I went on. I didn’t enjoy it when it ended, I could’ve chilled out all day! Thank you for bringing me closer to a subject I enjoy so much.”
~ Evie, Bristol UK ~

“It was a fascinating introduction to a subject I had never considered. I had only thought of angels as the figures depicted on Catholic ‘holy pictures’. I am trying to make
big changes in my life and I am looking forward to more help from the Angels. The whole atmosphere of the course was very calming and just a lovely experience. Thank you for all the information you gave in such a gentle and loving way.”
~ Lydia, Newport UK ~

“I particularly enjoyed the Guardian Angel meditation. Nina you are fab at what you do and I intend to join you for many more workshops.”
~ Kerry, Bristol UK ~

“An eye opening introduction to the world of Angels and how they can help us in our lives every day no matter what our problem. I loved learning about what the different Angels skills are and how they can help me.”
~ Lindsay, Newport UK ~

“My Day With Angels was peaceful, relaxed, comfortable and informative. Sharing the day with others, connecting to Source and my Guardian Angel was magical, uplifting and healing. I felt overwhelmed and grateful to be there. Thank you Nina.”
~ Julie, Chalford UK ~

“An experience like no other. Love, friendship, beauty, warmth, and amazing Angels. I enjoyed the whole day. Thank you so much Nina.”
~ Alison, Tetbury UK ~

“Thank you so much for Sunday. I had a wonderful day. It was so informative and you are such an eloquent teacher. The whole day had such a warm, loving feeling.”
~ Helen, Tetbury UK ~

“A wonderful day! I enjoyed the meditations, the atmosphere of friendship and it felt good to connect with my Guardian Angels.”
~ Alison, Bristol UK ~

“I enjoyed the meditations! A DAY WITH ANGELS made me think ‘outside the box’.”
~ Adele, Cromhall UK ~

“During this workshop I felt like I connected and that it will give me the guidance I need. I enjoyed the guided visualisations and learning about the Angels.”
~ Carla, Yate UK ~

“Enlightening! I feel at peace and so much made sense, things I’d been thinking before. I loved it all!”
~ Dereen, Bristol UK ~

“My Angel Experience was wonderful, fabulous and tranquil, a very therapeutic and relaxing day. It gave me just what I needed knowing that my Angels are with me
always and forever by my side. Thank you Angels and many thanks to Nina for being such a wonderful caring person. You are definitely an Earth Angel!”
~ Maureen, Bristol UK ~

“Great introductory level to Angels, just the right amount of information, well-structured, lovely ambience, fabulous energy, great setting, warm and friendly, delicious refreshments I enjoyed the meditations, listening to the talk – all of it! A must for anyone who is angel-curious!”
~ Katie, Olveston UK ~

“Thanks for a wonderful day ! It was so informative and interesting and taken at a perfect pace. I learned so much and was able to connect with my
guardian angels which was both exciting and inspiring. I have now invited them into my life. Thank you once again Nina for a wonderful experience.”
~ Fiona, Cowbridge UK ~

“Thank you for such a lovely day. It was a very revealing and constructive experience that I enjoyed immensely. You created a very calm, positive and supportive atmosphere. I loved the meditations we did throughout the day. You have the ability to create conditions conducive to meditation.
Thank you so much once again.”
~ Allan, Cowbridge UK ~

“Thank you for a lovely time spent at your workshop. I found it very interesting to learn more about our angels and the meditations are so peaceful and positive.
I love your easy presentation and eagerness to help and explain any questions we have. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to the next workshop.”
~ Chris, Bristol UK ~

“The workshop was amazing! Thoroughly enjoyed it and it has inspired me to learn more, went straight home and ordered a couple of books from the ones you
had with you on the day. I am definitely drawn to healing and feel this will be my first step forward.”
~ Alison, Pilning UK ~

“Thank you so much for the amazing angel workshop. I feel so connected to the Angels now and was overwhelmed when I was given the names of my guardian angels.
It was such a beautiful day with amazing people.”
~ Gillian, Bristol UK ~

“I enjoyed the meditations and discussion opportunities. Overall an uplifting, positive and relaxing experience.”
~ Emma, Frampton Cotterell UK ~

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